Pinecone Firestarters

Beeswax Pinecone Firestarters


All natural, fragrance-free firestarters: pinecones dipped in local beeswax.

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Product Description

Make your fire-starting easier with these all-natural firestarters! They are pinecones dipped in local beeswax – no additional fragrance added.

I did consider scenting them with some essential oils, but the natural beeswax smell is so delightful, I didn’t want to cover it up.

To use, I like to crumple a bit of paper, put a firestarter on top, and then add the rest of my kindling and logs. The firestarter lights up right away and stays lit while it catches the rest of your fuel on fire.

You’ll receive 9-10 firestarters in a compostable cello bag.

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Weight 5 oz


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