What is a CSA? What is an herbal CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a model most often used by vegetable farms: you purchase a share at the beginning of the year and then receive a share of the produce on a regular basis. This herbal CSA is a bit different in that shares will include not just fresh herbs, but other herbal products (such as herbal tinctures, salves, syrups, soaps, vinegars, and pestos) as well. Shares will be available four times per season (rather than weekly, like veggie CSAs). Joining a CSA is a great way to support your local food system, explore new herbs and foods, know the people who grow and produce your food, and live more sustainably.

You can find more information on the model here.

Are there other herbal CSAs?

Yes! This isn’t my own brand new idea: other brave herbal pioneers have gone before me!

Methow Valley Herbs, one of my favorite places to learn more about herbalism, has a nationwide listing.

What does a box contain?

Check out our previous shares to get a feel for what is included in a share.

Are your herbs organic?

My gardens are grown without the use of any synthetic petro chemicals. Rather than using chemical fertilizers or pesticides, I prefer to add nutrients with compost and use mechanical means (I squish the bugs or put up barriers to keep them out) when needed to reduce pests (although with the bio-diversity of my garden, I don’t often have pest problems – except grasshoppers on occasion. Darn grasshoppers.). All wildcrafted plants are harvested from areas that glow with vitality, not from places that have been sprayed or along busy roadsides.

Are your other ingredients organic?

I use organic ingredients as much as possible. There are some exceptions. Ingredient lists note organic ingredients.

Where can I pick up my share?
  • 2016 drop sites (map):
    • Cambridge: Near the Isanti County Government center (confirmed)
    • White Bear Township: Pick up off of 35E between Cty Rd J & Hwy 14 (confirmed)
    • North Branch: Pick up off of Hemingway Ave & Lincoln Tr, on Tuesday from 9a-7p.
    • South Minneapolis: Off of 42 Ave S & 42nd St S (pending)
    • St. Paul: Off of Snelling & Como (pending)
    • Your house (pending): Gather a group of 5 members, we can add another drop site in your area.
    • Your mailbox (confirmed): sign up for a shipped share and you can pick it up right from your mailbox.

    All drop sites are pending until they have 5 shares being picked up there.


When will I get my share?

Local Delivery dates (subject to change due to weather, harvest, etc.): June 13, Aug 1, Sept 19, & Nov 7. These dates are all Mondays. Shares will be available for pickup at each dropsite between the hours of 6-9pm on the evening of pickup. Our Cambridge dropsite is the most accommodating to alternative pickup times.

Shipped shares will be shipped within 5 days of the above local delivery dates.

Will you tell me about the herbs and what the products are for?

Absolutely! With each delivery I will send out a newsletter that will tell what is in the share and how you might use it. The newsletter might also include plant monographs, recipes, and other information to help you get to know herbs better.

Do you have sample boxes available?

I often have an extra share or two: put your name on the mailing list, keep an eye on the Facebook page, or send me an email if you are interested in this option.

What if I can't use some of the items in my share?

You’ll receive an email about a week before delivery detailing what will be included in your share. Not all herbs are appropriate for every person: the products make wonderful gifts, so I’d encourage you to find someone who would appreciate it, if you can’t use it yourself. Alternatively, if you’d like to swap out one of the items for a bunch of fresh herbs or another alternative (such as a duplicate item or an extra from a previous delivery), just let me know and I’ll do my best to make sure your share works for you.

How much does a share cost?

Full Shares: You will receive four deliveries of six items each. You can choose to add on fresh herbs to your share (see below).  $225 (through Apr 1 and save $15) or pay $50 deposit now, $190 due by June 1.

Half Shares: You will receive four deliveries of three items each. You can choose to add on fresh herbs to your share (see below). $125 (through Apr 1 and save $15) or pay $50 deposit now, $90 due by June 1.

Shipped Shares: There will be four deliveries of five items each. $230 (through Apr 1 and save $15) or pay $50 deposit now, $195 due by June 1. Cost includes shipping charges.

Fresh Herbs (add-on): Fresh herbs are an add-on option for local shares. This will allow us to get more fresh herbs into the hands of those who love them, and not take up space in the crisper drawer of those who don’t get around to using them. There will be more fresh herbs for those who choose this option than in the past when it was sent out to all. The fresh herb add-on will include culinary herbs such as rosemary, thyme, sage, basil, cilantro, garlic scapes, and heads of garlic. It may also include herbs for tea, edible flowers, and fresh flower bouquets. The fresh herb option will be included in three of the four deliveries. $25.

Soap of the Month (add-on): Add on a Soap of the Month membership, and you’ll get extra soap and save on shipping. You’ll get 6 bars of handcrafted soap delivered with your CSA shares throughout the season. We make our soaps of the month with the same great carrier and essential oils as the soaps included in the CSA, but often include mineral colorants such as oxides and micas (whereas CSA soap include botanical and clay colorants only). You’ll have a greater variety of soaps to choose from, be able to stock your bathrooms and kitchen from the get go, and might even be able to set one or two bars aside as small gifts. $33.

Sales tax is also due on all shares.

How can I pay?

Shares are limited, so hold your space by registering and paying a $50 deposit immediately. Final payments are due June 1. You can pay by cash in person, send a check in the mail, via Paypal or this website.

How can I register?

Check out the listing in our online storefront.